Company Profile

Our company builds on many years of experience in all areas of machine and metal construction.

We are successful in the wood, leather, textiles and plastics industries and have built up an extensive portfolio of satisfied domestic and international customers.

Our activities are characterized by:           

                                                                                           - innovative technologies

                                                                                           - an extensive spectrum of capabilities

                                                                                           - highly competitive pricing policy

                                                                                           - reliability

                                                                                           - adaptability to individual projects

                                                                                           - highest quality workmanship



We pride ourselves in providing complete solutions covering:

Planning  -   Development   -   Construction   Delivery   -   Installation  -   Servicing

                                            from a one-stop source.





Front view Burkhardt GmbH.Die große Drehbank. Bearbeitung bis 6000mm möglich.
automatische Drehbank